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Friday, April 23rd 2010

3:50 AM

Awesome Range Of Gt Bikes Available Easily To Everyone

GT Bike

The full range of GT Bike styles are made by GT bikes. The actual company is centered in The united states and has specialized within the creation of mountain bikes. It was orginally launched in the year 1979. The pioneers of this huge company were Gary Turner and Rich Long. Gary was a welder ,Rich actually owned a bike store.

Through the years, the business have been brought out a number of times. In the back end of the nineties, the firm joined with the Schwinn Bicycle Firm. The corporation unfortunatly was announced bankrupt in mid 2001. After this it was acquired by a key bicycle distributor, known as the Pacific Cycle Inc.

Pacific Cycles consequently was obtained by Dorel Industries in '04. Dorel is centered in Quebec, Canada, and is an expert in the styling and manufacturing. Amongst the acquisitions made by G.T itself are companies called Auburn racing, Dyno bike products and Robinson Racing.

All GT bikes have a unique characteristic which is the three triangular frame design. The design is often observed on the hard tail variants of the GT mountain bikes which are built by the business. The earlier variations introduced out by the organization did have some rare characteristics also.

The BMX bikes made by G.T, were built with a protrusion from the top pipe which extended past the sadle tube. This was an development which that claimed would decrease the conduction of the vibrations from the seat to the back wheel. All of the versions sport the striking GT logo design on there tubes.

The actual customer is spoilt for options when it comes to GT BMX bikes. You can choose from an array of GT BMX bikes like Vertigo, Performer and also World Tour. There are other models in the catergory which are the Pro Freestyle Tour, Havana and also Fly.

GT Bike has a fantastic assortment of mountain bikes. Certain Names to keep note of here are Avalanche, Pantera and the model with full suspension the RTS. GT Bike also produced a collection of unequalled track bicycles.

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Friday, April 23rd 2010

3:46 AM

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